More often than not, Microsoft will update your software automatically to the newest version available without needing you to bởi vì anything. But if you want khổng lồ guarantee you have the latest versions of Office available, it can be helpful lớn know how to lớn manually upgrade your software.

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Depending on what version of Office you have, you will need to lớn follow different steps. That is why it is important khổng lồ confirm which version of Office you have before you start the manual update process. This can be for those with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription or with a one-time purchase of any Office version.

In the newest versions of Office-like 2019, you first need to open an Office application. This can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. You then need to open the tệp tin menu & access the tài khoản option. If you are using Outlook it will show up as Office tài khoản rather than simply Account.

You will then need khổng lồ select product Information & then Update Options. It will give you an option lớn Update Now that you will need lớn select. After that, you will receive a message via a new window saying “You’re up khổng lồ date!”. If you are having issues it may mean that you need to lớn Enable Updates before selecting Enable Now.

How to Install Office Updates for Office 2016


For you to lớn update Microsoft Office năm nhâm thìn you will need to xuất hiện an application such as PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. In a new document, you will need lớn select Files and then click on Account. If you are using Outlook năm nhâm thìn you will select File & then Office trương mục to update.

This will then give you the option lớn select Product Information & from there you can click on Update Options. You will then need to lớn select Enable Updates and then click on Update Now to lớn finalize the update. Once the update is complete you will have a window xuất hiện that says “You’re up khổng lồ date!”.

How to Install Office Updates for Office 2013

To update the 2013 version of Office it is very similar to the 2016 version of Microsoft Office. You can either follow the same steps as the năm 2016 Office update or you can vày a more hands-on version of updating your software. For the second method of updating Microsoft Office 2013, you will need khổng lồ start by opening Word, PowerPoint, or Excel with a fresh document. You then need lớn access the File menu và select Account.

Under Account, you will see an option lớn Manage Account và under that, you can select Update Options. This will provide you with a drop-down arrow that you will need lớn click on. Out of the options you will need lớn select Disable Updates.

After that, you can then repeat those steps to get back lớn the drop-down menu & then select Enable Updates instead. This way of updating will allow you lớn update certain applications rather than all of them at once and lets you update based on your preferences.

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How to lớn Install Office Updates for Office 2010

To update your 2010 version of Microsoft Office you will first need to open an Office application. This can be Word, Excel, or PowerPoint & you will need khổng lồ create a new document. You can then go lớn Files và select Help. You will see an option lớn Check For Updates. Select that option & then click on Install Updates.

If that does not work you will receive pop-up prompts and will need to lớn follow them khổng lồ finish the update.

How lớn Install Office Updates for Office 2007

If you want lớn manually update Microsoft Office 2007 it is important khổng lồ understand that this version of Microsoft Office is no longer supported. That means you will need to lớn not only update this version of Office but update it to a newer version of Office entirely.

To bởi vì this you will first need khổng lồ access the Start menu. You then need to lớn access Programs, then All Programs. You can then select Windows Updates. This will take you to Microsoft’s site and allow you khổng lồ choose which version of Office you want lớn update to.


How khổng lồ Install Office Updates for Office 2003

Much lượt thích Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft and cannot be upgraded. You will need to upgrade khổng lồ a different version of Microsoft Office that is newer & still supported by Microsoft.

It is especially important because when a version is no longer supported you are not only lacking the newest features but missing out on the security that Microsoft provides.

How to lớn Install Office Via Microsoft Office Store

If you would rather update your Office software from the Microsoft site or from the Microsoft Office ứng dụng you can also bởi vì so. Firstly you will need to close all of your Office apps và then mở cửa the Microsoft Store tiện ích or website.

You will need to lớn sign in to your Microsoft trương mục that is linked lớn your Office license. After that, you will see a three-dot (…) icon that you can click on and select the Downloads và Updates option. That will give you an option to lớn select Get Updates.

After you have selected Get Updates you will then start the updating process for your software. Once it is complete you will get a “you’re good khổng lồ go” confirmation. If you can"t get updates, check our guide on how lớn fix Windows Updates keep turning off.

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