If you run a program, Windows 10 may give you a pop-up window saying “Windows protected your PC”. This message may appear when you are in a browser. The former is the warning given by Microsoft và the latter is a tech tư vấn scam. In this post, you can know how to disable the SmartScreen protection và remove the scam, as well as data protection offered by canhorichstartanphu.com Software.Bạn vẫn đọc: Lỗi windows protected your pc

Now, let’s see two cases on the “Windows protected your PC” pop-up window.

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Case 1: Windows SmartScreen Protection Popup on Desktop Screen

In Windows 10, there are some built-in security features designed to lớn protect your PC from a number of malicious apps & criminal websites. Among these features, the Windows Defender SmartScreen feature is representative.

It is enabled by default & runs in the background to lớn prevent you from running certain apps that are unrecognized by the Windows software database or known khổng lồ be malicious. This could be a good protective measure for your PC.

Usually, you will receive a popup if you attempt to lớn run or install an application that Windows doesn’t recognize. The warning is “Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized tiện ích from starting…”


However, this warning sometimes is annoying. For example, you know this phầm mềm is secure, obtained from a trustworthy source & won’t damage your system. Besides, it seems lớn show an only option – Don’t run. What should you do? Now, let’s go to the following part.

Things to bởi vì When “Windows Protected Your PC” Appears in Windows 10

Allow app to Bypass the Windows Defender SmartScreen Message

When receiving the above warning screen, please make sure the app is absolutely safe. To know some new information and options, you can click the More info links that is displayed beneath the warning message.

In the pop-up window, you can know the phầm mềm name and publisher. You may chú ý that the quảng cáo online is unknown. Don’t panic since not every developer registers with Microsoft & the absence of this field information doesn’t imply the application is risky.

Of course, you can kiểm tra again carefully và make sure the tiện ích comes from the correct source. Then, click the Run anyway button khổng lồ bypass the Windows Defender SmartScreen warning và continue using the app.

Disable Windows SmartScreen

Some of you may don’t lượt thích the protection features offered by Windows SmartScreen since they are not as excellent as expected. According khổng lồ reports, it could slow down your system greatly and cannot offer any additional security possibly if you run a professional antivirus program. Additionally, Windows SmartScreen can collect your private data.

Method 1: Disable Windows Defender SmartScreen Security Software

Go khổng lồ Start > Settings > Update và Security.Navigate lớn Windows Defender & click Open Windows Defender Security Center.Click the App và browser control section, scroll down, find Check apps & files and turn it off.

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Now, you won’t receive the “Windows protected your PC” message when running an unrecognized app in Windows 10.

Method 2: Use Registry Editor to lớn Disable Windows SmartScreen

If you are a trang chủ computer user, you can turn off SmartScreen via Registry Editor in Windows 10 lớn remove the message – Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized ứng dụng from starting.

Double-click on EnableSmartScreen và set its value khổng lồ 0 (disabled).Exit the tool and restart your computer.


Method 3: Use Group Policy to Disable SmartScreen

If you are a Pro user, you can turn off the feature to remove the “Windows protected your PC” message. Here is how to bởi vì it:


Search for gpedit.msc in the search bar và click Edit group policy.Head to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > file Explorer.Double-click Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen & set it to lớn Disabled.Click OK to lớn save the change.


Disable SmartScreen Filter in IE và Edge

Sometimes, the warning may appear in internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge. Lớn remove it, you should xuất hiện IE, go khổng lồ Settings > Safety and turn Windows Defender SmartScreen off. In Edge, go to Settings > View advanced settings > Privacy và services to turn off the toggle – Help protect me from malicious sites & downloads with Windows Defender SmartScreen.

Case 2: Windows Protected Your PC virut Scam

The above paragraphs show you the actual SmartScreen protection on the desktop screen in Windows 10. Actually, you may also receive the “Windows protected your PC” warning when using a browser. The warning is not real but only a tech tư vấn scam.

Usually, the warning message gives you a phone number & tricks you into a hotline for help. Then, scammers ask for payment to get a purported tư vấn service. As it is just a scam, the website doesn’t really know what is running on your computer. So, don’t call any listed phone number.

In fact, Microsoft never sends unsolicited email message giving phone calls to lớn request personal information. Besides, errors from Microsoft also never include a phone number.