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To increase the page limit per tệp tin to 2000 pages, please subscribe to lớn Pro.

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To increase the kích thước limit per file to 100MB, please subscribe to lớn Pro.

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Subscribe khổng lồ enable batch conversion. To lớn enable batch compression. If you have subscribed, you need khổng lồ Log In.

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How to lớn use PDF to lớn Text converter:

1. Press “Choose File” lớn upload the PDF file.2. OCR will activate and extraction will begin.3. Press “Convert” button lớn quickly convert PDF lớn Text.4. Press "Download" button to export

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Privacy is our vị trí cao nhất Concern

All your files converted from PDF to text will remain safe. We erase all your data from our server to remove any chances of breach of information. So, we ensure the highest level of privacy.

Handy and không tính phí Converter

Convert PDF khổng lồ text không lấy phí online by utilizing our user-friendly conversion tool. It is miễn phí and will convert your PDF in a blink of an eye.

Supports Multi-Devices

Convert PDF to TXT online on several devices because we provide our fantastic tool on a web-based platform so it works on all operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.

PDF lớn Text API for Developers

A simplified interface is something we want to lớn provide to our users. Our PDF khổng lồ text converter is based on powerful & efficient software that ensures quick and easy conversion.

Accurate Conversions

Convert PDF lớn text in few simple và easy steps. Upload PDF document và hit convert. There you go! Your text file is ready. Automatic conversion will convert all your files within seconds!

Cloud-based Conversions

PDF khổng lồ text không tính phí conversions will take place in the clouds. This signifies that all your transformations will not drain your computer’s storage capacity or battery performance.