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Aside from malware and viruses, nothing has the potential khổng lồ be more dangerous to lớn your computer’s health than power outages. Here is how to lớn ensure your computer keeps it boot on when a nguồn failure turns the lights off.

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With the approach of the turbulent summer season, it is important to lớn know what kills the electrical lifeline, how to lớn safeguard your digital gear from fatal reboot disease, & how to reach the desktop when the computer refuses to lớn restart. This knowledge is vital whether you use computers to vày your job in a business office or your own home office environment.

To minimize the potential damage from electrical power nguồn fluctuations, you should have your computers & modems plugged directly into power nguồn surge protective strips. Surge protectors are effective protection against glitches due khổng lồ normally fluctuating energy levels.

However, a direct lightning strike is likely khổng lồ fry the surge protector and then burn out the electronic gadgets plugged into it. A good strategy is khổng lồ unplug the surge protector from the electric wall socket when a storm arrives.

Another essential piece of protective equipment is an uninterruptible power nguồn supply, or UPS. A UPS is a sophisticated battery-containing device that supplies backup power to lớn desktop PCs during electrical grid outages và brownouts. One of the most important services a UPS can deliver is continuation of the electrical power nguồn — usually about 15 minutes — giving you enough time lớn safely save your data and power down your equipment. The UPS will kick in when its sensors detect an interruption of electricity from the main service line lớn your home or office.

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The latest UPS models can reset khổng lồ an off position automatically as their rechargeable batteries run out of energy. When the normal power nguồn supply returns, your computer can restart without its nguồn supply being blocked if it is so configured. The BIOS settings in many computers let you adjust the nguồn settings so the computer senses when normal electrical supply returns. You can pick up a UPS at office supply retailers and box stores, as well as your favorite online shopping center.

The software that comes with it safeguards the computer when it is unattended. This is useful if you use remote access services and file-syncing cloud storage services. Getting your PC to lớn restart automatically after a nguồn outage involves getting the computer khổng lồ “see” the nguồn returning by making some changes khổng lồ the PC’s BIOS settings and installing the UPS-included software. Read on lớn learn how to vày this.

What Breaks the Power

Causes of nguồn outages involve some obvious và a few subtle situations. Mother Nature, device fatigue & dumb luck all figure into the power nguồn breakdown equation. Other than being prepared before trouble strikes, there is little you can bởi when the power grid fails. Here is a quick các mục of power nguồn failure causes:

Weather — Lightning, high winds và ice are weather hazards that often impact the power nguồn supply. Interruptions can last several days, depending on how rapidly ground conditions improve lớn let work crews find and repair the damage. Lightning can strike equipment or trees, causing them khổng lồ fall into electrical lines và equipment.Severe distress — Earthquakes of all sizes & hurricanes can damage electrical facilities and power lines. This sometimes catastrophic damage can cause long-term power outages.Equipment failure — Even when the weather is not a primary cause of a power nguồn outage, faulty equipment in the electrical system can be a primary cause of outages. Hardware breakdowns result from failure due to age, performance và other factors. Sometimes, adverse weather, such as lightning strikes, can weaken equipment. High demands on the electrical grid also can cause overloads & faults that make equipment more susceptible khổng lồ failure over time.Wildlife — Small creatures have an uncanny knack for squeezing into places they vì chưng not belong in search of food or warmth. When squirrels, snakes & birds come into liên hệ with equipment such as transformers & fuses, they can cause equipment to lớn fail momentarily or shut down completely.Trees — Weather can be a secondary contributor, causing circumstances that can lead lớn power outages when trees interfere with power lines. During high winds và ice storms, tree limbs or entire trees can come into contact with poles & power lines.Public damage — Accidents happen. Vehicle accidents or construction equipment can cause broken utility poles, downed power nguồn lines & equipment damage. Excavation digging is another cause of power nguồn loss when underground cables are disturbed.Tracking — When dust accumulates on the insulators of utility poles và then combines with light moisture from fog or drizzle, it turns dust into a conductor. This causes equipment to lớn fail.Momentary circuit interruptions — Blinks, or short-duration interruptions, are annoying. However, they serve a valuable purpose by shutting off the flow of electricity briefly to prevent a longer nguồn outage when an object comes in tương tác with electric lines, causing a fault. If power surge strips (not multi-socket power strips) are not attached lớn your computer gear, the sudden loss of electricity và then a surge of power can cause data loss or component failure.

Dealing With It

You can not prevent the power grid from going down, but you can takes steps lớn ensure that it does not take your computer down with it. You also can learn what to vị if your computer refuses to boot up to lớn the desktop once the nguồn returns.

First, before trouble strikes, make sure you phối the BIOS switches lớn enable your computer lớn restart after a nguồn interruption. The BIOS circuits are hardwired khổng lồ the computer’s motherboard. You must establish the restart settings when there is no loss of electricity. You must be able to lớn start the computer lớn reach the BIOS controls.